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Si as yes in french

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To contradict someone who made a statement in the negative form. - Tu n'aimes pas le chocolat, n'est-ce pas? You don't like chocolate, right? (You're not going to come?

(Of course, I like it a lot!) Elle est jamais à l'heure.

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Si as yes in french

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Si as yes in french

2018 Tu habites en france? Bor du i Nu är "si" ja på andra språk, som spanska och italienska. Yes, "si" can mean "if" in French. But French also uses "si" to respond affirmatively to a negative question. For example: Tu viens? -- Oui! 23 votes, 14 comments.

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Si as yes in french

It’s used to contradict a negation: to say yes when someone else says no, asks a negative question, or makes a negative statement. 2008-12-31 · I understand to use 'si' when responding to a negative question and to use 'oui' when responding to a positive question, as illustrated by these examples: - Vas-tu au ciné ? - Oui ! - Are you going to the movies?

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Varje franskstudent, antingen klassundervisad eller autodidakt, vet hur man säger ja: oui (uttalas som "vi" på engelska). Men det finns några hemligheter som  Check 'Yes' translations into French.

There’s no time like the present to get acquainted with French! Check out our social media channels and discover handy phrases today. A “Yes / No” question is a question that can be answered simply by ”Yes” or “No”. Asking questions is a basic, but important, communication skill in French, just as it is in English! There are several ways to ask a “Yes / No” question in French. Most of these are similar to the ways we can do this in English. Find out the answer for Yes in French crossword clue which appeared on Crosswords with Friends September 30 2020.