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One common use of this phrase is of a superior complimenting and encouraging an inferior in the workplace. For example, suppose your boss asks you to do a project, and you show her some preliminary results. English A few people said, ' Keep up the good work, girl! ', but there are widely differing views on the matter there. Verschillende mensen hebben mij gezegd dat ze dat zeer moedig vonden van mij.

Keep up the good work

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Keep up the good work. Bill: Thanks, Dad. Definition of keep up the good work.

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Keep up the good work Lyrics: Rolling with my rag top down / Rolling with my rag top down / Rolling with my rag top down / Rolling with my rag top down  A graph showing this site's review totals. Overall Rating. 97%.

Keep up the good work

Happy Friday too my friends keep up the good work . . . . #art

Keep up the good work

Please note: Community posts are written by its members and not by  Keep up the good work! Inlägg av Mura fre mar 21, 2008 19:28.

However, when this becomes a reality, it's critical for both parents to understand how child support works.
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Keep up the good work

• • inspiration! Our serivce gives you a personal training program based on your needs and knowledge in under one minuite! Keep up the good work. Details.

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Förutom att jag  Great update fayju keep up the good work (spoiler). best christmas update cant wait to see them helis.

Great update fayju keep up the good work spoiler :: Amazing

Praise is powerful. Whether integrated as a motivational tool in your business or solely in your daily activities, you will find people you engage with will have a greater desire to be helpful, Keep up the good work. I really need to listen to the music is those time periods to escape the harsh realities of what this world has become. Hoping for the best over there in the west coast and for better days to come in the immediate future. Stay safe and don’t stop doing what you do best!

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